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Portraits and Boudoir Photography
For those visitors looking for personal portraits or something new and different for that "Special Someone".
This section is for you!
Glamour by Dave Photography is a full service portrait studio that, if necessary, will shoot on location in your home or wherever you feel that a special location would prove more "Glamorous".

We also specialize in "Boudoir" photography which many women like to present to that special someone on their anniversary or other special occasion.  All boudoir photos are done in an artistic and confidential manner and you can be assured that no one will ever see your photos except those you want to present them to.

For those unfamiliar with the term "Boudoir", Boudior photography is an artistic, and sensual representation of the subject, presenting her in the most flattering and sensual atmosphere.  The posing is designed to show the most flattering aspect of the subject and, while most women prefer some form of lingerie, many also like to present an artistic/tasteful seminude/nude photo for their loved one, especially tose who are gone for long periods of time.  Please note that ALL boudoir photos are strictly confidential and none are shown without the express consent of the subject (Most of the photos you will see here are those of model and any that are not of models will have a release on file allowing the presentation)
For examples, for which permission has been obtained, please click below and enter a new and exciting experience.

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