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Goddess Project Information
Welcome to the "Goddess Project”.

    I am looking for LOCAL (San Francisco/Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto Area) models for what I am calling the "Goddess Project" (Registered TM) (Other models within 250 miles will be considered as well).  Each model will represent one of the Major and some Minor Goddess's of the ancient world.

[NOTE: This project may require some PLAYBOY/ARTISTIC Style Nude and Seminude Series, though these will limited in number, most will consist of lingerie style (think Maxim) /non-nude photos and/or Implied Nudes and various costumes in line with the artwork of artists like Boris Vallejo, so if you do not pose any of these types of photos, you may leave now or continue reading to see what you may be missing.]

Through out history, the concept of Gods and Goddess's has continued to fascinate Mankind.
The role of Goddess's in particular, from ancient Babylon to modern sects in Asia and elsewhere has played a distinct role in the shaping of cultures and civilizations.  While denigrated to the role of "lesser" beings in the pantheon of the Gods, the Goddess's have still maintained a supremacy that has overshadowed that of their male counterparts.
Aphrodite/Venus (the Goddess of Love and Beauty) is an example that immediately comes to mind. Eos (Dawn), the Goddess of Dawn, sister of Apollo is seldom considered.  
The Goddess's of the Four Elements: Earth (Solid), Wind (Air), Fire and Water, are feminine.  Even the primary Goddess of the planet, Gaea (or Gaia), is female, the Mother of all that exists in Earth.
It is, therefore, with this concept in mind, to honor the roles the ancient Goddess's played in the history of civilization and continues to play in literature, television, movies, and art, that the idea of the "Goddess Project " was born.
Models for the Goddess roles will be chosen initially from among the most qualified models in Northern California and, hopefully, as the project grows, from across the U.S.A.  While I am planning to start with the "Elemental Goddesses" please remember that this will be an ongoing Project as ALL of the worlds goddess's, in whatever role or form will be included:  Babylonian/Assyrian/Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Celtic, Hindu and so on will all be portrayed.

Basic Project and Compensation Information   
Each series will consist of from 2 to 4 sets of photos each set consisting of 120 - 180 proofs.  Each series will deal with one of the "Goddess's" as outlined above, and may take up to 2 or 3 days to complete (the photo-shoots will be scheduled to take into account the models and photographers other commitments).  No test shoot will be required for models with strong portfolio's illustrating their previous experience (A test shoot WILL be required for models with no or little experience, especially those wanting nude/seminude Goddess roles).  Please note that due to the nature of this project models with tattoos and/or body piercings that cannot be reconciled with the “Goddess” concept or concealed/removed may not be accepted.
ALL models MUST provide proof of age at the time of pre-shoot interview (must be 18 or older) no exceptions.

A legal contract will be required for model compensation protection and for the legal protection of the photographers work.

Model Compensation will be arranged on the following terms:

1. Models will be paid a minimum royalty of 5% to a maximum of 15% of the net profits for all photos, photosets, series or other uses of photos as in calendars, etc sold by the photographer.

2. All models will have the co-copyright to use any of the photos in their series for any purpose, except publication, as in the sale of merchandise with the photos displayed, ie: Coffee mugs, T-shirts, Calendars,etc. with a 5% royalty on the net profits to be paid to the photographer.  Models wishing to publish any or all of their series (i.e. Books, Magazines) shall have publisher/purchaser contact photographer.

3. All models shall have the co-copyright to sell/market their personal series sets for any amount they desire with a 10% royalty on the profits to be paid to photographer. (Credit display information to be described later)

Misc. Information

Photographer will be responsible for props and transportation (within 200 miles unless otherwise specified).  Models will be responsible for make up and hairstyles (unless otherwise agreed to and at model expense.)

Photographer shall retain all primary copyrights to all photos and said copyright/credit shall be visible on all photos displayed on models website (Except as specified in the Goddess Project Contract) to wit:
 © (Year) - David Trummer, Glamour by Dave Photography or © (Year) Glamour by Dave Photography.
Any model may request additional nude/non-nude photos that do not reflect the series theme to fill out their portfolio.  Such request will be granted after each set is completed.